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Touch Screen Panels
Touch Screen Panels
Resistive touch screens are pressure sensitive, so they can be operated with any input device, including a gloved hand or stylus. Dotkeys can all be supplied and produces the Resistive touch screens with 4 & 5 wire configurations and typically have high resolution, providing accurate touch control and available in different sizes. The Touchscreens can be integrated with other components, for example membrane switches and graphic overlays. Anything from a fully integrated all-in one solution including a touch panel, controller and software for a complete product, or single components
  Wire Resistive Technology is the lowest cost solution. Used in devices such as portable instruments, consumer products and remote controls, System Control/Office Automation and Car PC, etc. The touch screen surface can incorporate a protective laminate for extra protection.
  Wire Resistive Touch Screens offers a higher touch life (35M actuations), with fast response time. Used for Point of Sale devices, gaming machines and ATM's and Kiosks. The configuration of this touch screen means that the screen may still work even if the top layer has been damaged.