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IMD (In-Mold-Decoration)
Touch Screen Panels
Warning Security Functional Labels
  A warning label is a label attached to an item, or contained in an item's instruction manual, warning the user about risks associated with the use of the item as intended by the manufacturer or seller.The Warning labels are available in multiple languages with relevant graphics and text printed with high precision, with a precision shape-cut. These are widely demanded in electrical, electronics, automobile.
Tamper Evident Labels
  Tamper evident warranty labels and stickers are primarily used to deter warranty tampering. If removed, word VOID is permanently revealed on the label consequently voiding the equipment warranty.
Destructible Tamper Proof
  Destructible tamper proof labels are primarily used to deter tampering. Once applied to the surface the destructible labels cannot be removed in tact. The label disintegrates if removal is attempted.
Functional Labels
  The label indicates the functionality of a instrument / equipments. Materials used for this label is metalised polyster or vinyl.
Dome Labels
  Dome Labels are thick , yet crystal - clear, polyurethane dome is laid over to give each domed label a unique appearance. This "dome" protects the printing and gives the label a deep, three-dimensional (3D) look. Domed stickers are weather resistant.