Membrance Switches
Membrane Keyboards
Graphical Overlays
IMD (In-Mold-Decoration)
Touch Screen Panels
Membrane Switches
  Membrane keyboard consists of one or several keys within a flat panel. Each key consists of an open contact between two tracks or wires that exit at the back of the panel in the form of a tail that can then be connected directly to a PCB.Each key is graphically represented on the top panel and to operate all that is required is a simple press of a finger on the designated key to momentarily short the contact.
  Tactile Keyboards can be produced either with a glass epoxy PCB or with the flexible printed Circuit film. It gives an excellent feedback, more life can be achieved with a gold plated dome.
  Non-Tactile Keyboards can be produced either with a glass epoxy PCB or with the flexible printed Circuit film. Non-Tactile keyboards does not give any feedback but it can withstand more number of operations as compared to Tactile keyboard.
Polydome Keyboards
  Polyester dome keypads are fabricated by embossing domes in a layer of polyester. Circles of conductive link are printed under the polyester sheet and will be used as electrical contact for each dome. Each dome will have a silver disk printed on its concave surface. The switches have a travel slightly longer than that of the metal domes.
Capacitive Keyboards
    Capacitive Touch Switches are extremely durable, The switch works by detecting the presence or absence of a conductive object, such as a finger, by measuring changes in capacitance. With capacitive touch switches, we can incorporate multiple functions, including LED drivers and backlighting, along eith buttons, sliders, switches, touch pads.
Illuminated Keyboards
  Illuminated keyboards are designed either by a high quality illuminated short travel switch or by the means of the Electro Luminescrent lamp. Short travel keys increases the overall height of the keyboards but offer a crisp feel, where as the EL lamp reduces the height of keyboard, but requires an additional inverter circuit.
EL Membrane Switches
Membrane switches illuminated by providing the Electroluminescent backlighting lamps. It is created by sandwiching a layer of electroluminescent material such as phosphors between two layers of conductors. One of the conductive layers is transparent so that phosphors emit light when a DC Voltage is applied to them.
  No filament to break never fails to light!
Negligible heat emission
Highly visible in darkness, smoke, fog etc.
Does not impair night vision
Low power consumption
No hazardous materials
Maintenance Free